I bought a 94 Z28 with a LS1. The car has been converted to a carb & has a bigger cam. It has the MSD LS1/LS6 Timing & Rev controller. It is equipped with a TH350 trannie & has a 168 tooth flexplate. Ok guys, here's the problem; I have broken 3 starters, 1 of the breaks actually broke a piece off the block which has been fixed, & I still haven't had the car running. I've pulled the plugs & manually turned the engine over & it turns fine so its not locked up. I took the last starter to a local starter shop & had them switch the gear in the starter to an 11 tooth gear & the engine turned over & backfired through the carb & broke another starter. I got frustrated plus it was hunting season, so I haven't touched it in about a month, but I'm ready to go riding now so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.