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what do you think about this?

This is a discussion on what do you think about this? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i take my camaro in to have the tranny replaced at the dealership about 8 days ago . today i ...

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    what do you think about this?

    i take my camaro in to have the tranny replaced at the dealership about 8 days ago . today i call to check up on it and they say its not even there. WTF! do they normally send them out to get fixed?

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    That is odd, normally the dealerships have a full garage and do tranny work there. Is it a small dealership with a small shop? hopefully they didn't send it to AAMCO! :P

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    Its common for them to send out the car for transmission work to local shops that do the work for them frequently. 3 out of 3 of the chevrolet dealerships do it here..and 2 out of 3 are huge dealerships... id make sure you got the name of the business they used to do your work ... and get something in writing as to the warranty of the work done
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    i kow i'd be freaking out if it were my car. they should advise you of what they plan to do with your car before they do it. doesn't sound like they're professional about it.

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    I'd be pissed if they took my car some place and didn't tell me about it The shop they sent it to probably has a little ricer kid working there that took your car out joy riding all week

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    i bet they could rebuild a manual but not an auto in a shop...which do you have? and why didn't you say "well where is it?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoss01 View Post
    i take my camaro in to have the tranny replaced at the dealership about 8 days ago . today i call to check up on it and they say its not even there. WTF! do they normally send them out to get fixed?
    dude l am sorry but the problem is you! if l would drop my car to a shop and wait 8 days and still not there.. there would a be a big fight at the shop! actually it wouldnt last 8 days.. l would start to call them second day and follow up.. go there and bust their balls..

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    Wait a minute--how long did they say it was going to take? Automatics are a thing that takes specialized tools and repair techniques that most shops don't have. Letting someone else do stuff like that (as previously pointed out by the guy in Las Vegas) is standard business practice nowadays in most repair shops. Most shops specialize in certain areas of car repair and don't attempt to do it all anymore. Take for example engine rebuilding, even if the shop does their own rebuilds (doubtful) they will send stuff out to be machined at a (gasp) machine shop. Most shops will install somebody else's rebuilt engine, or transmission. Sending the whole car to another shop seems alittle wierd, but maybe there is an explanation. 8 days seems a little long but this should have been asked and answered when setting up the repair in the first place. And always record your mileage when dropping off a car some where to be repaired, let them know you are doing it too. That way your car doesn't become the shop lunch wagon for the week.

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    Having worked at new car dealership service departments for many, many years in the recent past I can tell you that there is an inherant, built in communications problem. The advisors are most likely paid on a commission basis. Therefore they will get as many cars into the shop as they can each day... this creates a backlog. And then they will begin to get creative with the timeframe excuses. Also, the factory requires a given dealer to keep certified technicians on staff in order to service the cars they sell. If it were up to the dealership owners they would not even have a service department.

    The idea is not to take your car to just any dealership, but to take it to a dealership that has high customer satisfaction ratings. Ask them, they will either proudly show you their numbers or will dance around the question.

    Your problem lies in the fact that you did not establish a relationship with the person you left your car with... you left it with an order taker, like at McDonalds. If you had a relationship with this person he would have told you when he expected to have it diagnosed, a reasonable time for parts procurement and then repair... communication is the key here.

    Put your emotions in your pocket and then call to find out specifics, do not threaten them with crap you will not follow up on (people do that every day), do not show your ass in any way. That will not get your car repaired any faster. It is a game and you have to know how to play it. Most people treat the dealership as an enemy... not an ally. Remember that.

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