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What to do next? Mods?

This is a discussion on What to do next? Mods? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 2000 Firebird Trans Am Ws6. All of my mods are pretty much in my sig. Let me ...

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    What to do next? Mods?

    I have a 2000 Firebird Trans Am Ws6. All of my mods are pretty much in my sig. Let me know what you think my next step should be. A few poeple said i should get a Moser 12 bolt and slap a nice Nitrious System on there for the track. This is my Daily Driver, but soon as the track opens up on March 1st i plan to be there at least once a month. Let me know what you think... Thanks again!

    Btw.. i am about to reach 60k miles


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    2002 Z28

    GEt a High stall torque converter, does not mess up streetability and will see good improvments in the 1/4 mile.

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    Cam and heads and a stall.

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    Or different direction-STS turbo and a set of DOT slicks(w/the 12 bolt)just an ID

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    another vote for stall, HUGE jump in performance. I went from 8.5's in the 8th to 7.9 (with ET streets). Streetablility is fine, just make sure and get a transmission cooler as well. I learned that the hard way.

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    1998 WS6 M6

    I dont like N20. Its only there when you press the button. If you want a power adder look into a Supercharger. Id say go with a turbo but I just am not impressed with the turbo kits that are out for the F-bod yet. 12 bolt is a must. Id also look into geting some of that weight off the front of the car. Look into picking up a Tubular K-member and A-arms. They look really good under the car and take alot of weight out of the front of the car. I know its not a HP mod but belive me, when you launch it and feel the front end lift puting all the weight on the rear tires you will thank yourself. Relocate that battery to the trunk and wire up a battery cutoff switch between the tailights (where the bird is). It looks really good and its a good safety measure. If I were in your shoes id get myself a tubular K-member, A-arms, a stall (atleast a 3500 stall from yank) and some Drag Radials because you will need them.

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    Stall....3200-3500 RPM.....I don't like nitrous over a 100 shot on a basically stock car...and even then your rod bolts aren't gonna like it for too terribly long.....
    I'd go heads/cam/stall.....then if you want a turn it on power adder and turn it off for the street....then I'd go the nitrous route for sure...but not over a 100 shot....after the heads/cam/stall

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