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What about gas?

This is a discussion on What about gas? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; In my state, we have 10% ethanol in our gas. 87 oct in reg and 91 oct in premium. What's ...

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    What about gas?

    In my state, we have 10% ethanol in our gas. 87 oct in reg and 91 oct in premium. What's your opinions on "off the shelf" octane boosters? Does the LS1 need more than 91? Since my car doesn't run much, opinions on fuel stabilizers (i.e. Stabil etc.) Thanks...

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    Gas is pretty much crap everywhere. Hard to find anything that doesn't have ethanol depending on where you live.

    91 octane is enough for the LS1, however after running 93-94 in mine with a custom tune for many years, then moving to a location that only sells 91, I had to revamp my tune slightly and tame down the heavy load timing table areas. I was starting to pick up some detectable knock when I switched to 91.

    On a stock tune, you could more than likely get away with running any octane you want and the timing tables will compensate, however running in the low octane tables all the time doesn't help gas mileage and/or performance. It's up to you.

    As far as fuel stabalizers or additives, the only thing I use is either Lucas Fuel Additive for it's cleaning purposes (and it's more forgiving on the dosage), or for a cheaper alternaive you can use a 2 cycle TCW3 engine oil mixed with gas (1 oz per 5 gallons) but dosage has to be more precise. You can find this stuff in 5quart jugs at Walmart for about $12, and it will treat 800 gallons of gas.

    Either of these 2 additives in the fuel will help to lubricate and clean the fuel pump, fuel injectors, as well as intake, intake valves, pistons, valve seats etc....

    Remember that lead in the fuel was the lubricating factor for the engine, that's long gone, and current fuels are pretty darn abrasive, so I recommend to always run some type of additive in there.

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