I am making this thread in a response to one of my posts being slightly misunderstood in the brake thread. I am not anti torque wrench, I jus dont feel its necessary to use one on a brake job simply because the service manual has a "spec" for it. heck they probably have torque specs for trim panels too, does that mean you are gonna use a torque wrench? heres what i use it on though

1. head bolts
2. intake manifolds
3. headers if clearance allows
4. rear control arms
5. torque stick on wheel lugs

I dont believe in using anti seize on wheel lugs as for one, if the wheel lug is threaded on properly they shouldnt "seize" on, unless someone over tightened the lugs or NEVER pulls their wheels. So many people are anal about their lugs being torqued on yet they wanna put anti seize on the threads? doesnt make sense to me. but heres a list of what i lube
1. i put a LIGHT coating of anti-seize on spark plug threads if they are installed in ALUMINUM heads. i dont like the idea of pulling plugs out of an expensive head and pulling threads out
2. on certain model cars and trucks i put a light coating of anti seize on the hub before installing the brake rotors if i know this particular car has rotors that are difficult to remove example: 97-02 ford expeditions
3. i lube caliper PINS with moly grease or equivalent as these are supposed to move freely and if they stick pads wear irregularly.
4. i spray the ever lifting piss out of rusted bolts nuts and assorted fasteners with rust penetrant. rust penetrant is my friend and has prevented a lot of fastener breakage and headaches for me
5. i lube door hinges and latches
6. i lube the shit out of control arm bushings
7. i lube the shit out of sway bar bushings
8. i lube clutch cables
9. ill spray some silicone sprays on slow moving power windows

thats all i can think of right now. hope this helps