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Values increasing staying the same or decreasing

This is a discussion on Values increasing staying the same or decreasing within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; What are the values , sought after behavior increasing or decreasing for our 4th gens? Has the selling prices been ...

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    Cool Values increasing staying the same or decreasing

    What are the values , sought after behavior increasing or decreasing for our 4th gens?
    Has the selling prices been increasing due to fewer cars around and the availability of these cars being recognized and sought after for the greatness and beauty of their bodies, bang for the buck and content of safety style performance especially since the new 4th gens are near 40,grand?
    aren't the seekers of a Camaro mostly after 3rd 4th or 5th gens.
    ballpark money wise you get a lot w/ the 4th gens cars so why would any one seek any other model.
    a low mileage 64,000 mile 98 z is worth what?
    are values increasing decreasing or staying the same in California or anywhere else?
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    I think it goes by region. Certain parts of the country got rare colors that I never knew existed until joining this forum. Also, I think folks have lost respect for GM since GM canceled the original F body back in 2002. There are folks who dismiss the current 5th gen due to weight and the retro look. Then you have the Trans Am faithful who are still angry at the death of Pontiac. There are many other variables I am missing. One thing is for certain: the current F body faithful who are current owners of stock, low-mileage units are holding onto them, locking them away in their garage and not putting any miles on them for collector status. Up until this year, from 2002, I haven't seen many 4th gens on the roads. This year, I have seen many, stock and modded.
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    Rich nailed it. It greatly varies from region to region. Around here a 98 Camaro in really good shape with low miles goes around $6000 while Trans Am's go around $7000. 02's are around $10,000 & $12,000 respectively. Rare cars you could add another $3-5k.

    I also notice a huge dump of 4th gens on the market lately and also a lot of 5th Gens recently. More so than Mustangs. In 09 while I was shopping for mine I could only fine 3 Trans Am in my county and 5 in the next county over. Most of my searches were out of state.

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