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Tune Up issues, please advice

This is a discussion on Tune Up issues, please advice within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; This past Wed, the 13 of Jun I took my carto a local shop to geta tune up. The oil ...

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    Tune Up issues, please advice

    This past Wed, the 13 of Jun I took my carto a local shop to geta tune up.
    The oil was already changed so all he had to do was plugs, wires, PCV, and a fuel filter. Well I got my car back and after it warmed up I noticed a slight faint pop in the exhaust. He said leave it over night and he'd look at it. Well the next day when I spoke to him he said he didn't hear anything, no codes, and the timing was ok. The pop is still there and he stated he didn't know what it was from. Well the pop wasn't there before, and now it is. After a 5 minute conversation he started to get a little hostile when I said I'd have to take it to the dealership if he couldn't fix it. He put on the ticket he used autolite iriduim plus, carhed me $15 per but then says he used AC/Delco. Well he did offer to change the plugs again and if he didn't find any issues he charge me. Well my car is going into the shop Tuesday but has anyone every had a slight /faint pop in there exhaust, constant like every 2 seconds.
    No power lose, no over heating. Runs fine and idle is ok. I'm wondering if he used AC/Delco if they needed to be gapped. I dunno. Any help you can offer is greatly appricated.

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    me too?

    Funny thing, I think I have this but only a very mild case out of one side of the exhaust, I am talking you can barley hear it standing behind the car.
    Like you said, runs fine and all.

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