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Traction Trouble

This is a discussion on Traction Trouble within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; dude be careful with those fuzion zri's i have those on my car and they stuck like glue for the ...

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    1998 trans am ws6

    dude be careful with those fuzion zri's i have those on my car and they stuck like glue for the first couple months i had them and now they dont stick i even rotated the tires and its still really bad so idk how wide did you go on those
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    2000 Z28

    I agree with SteveC. I have a 2000 Z28 which has been going sideways since I bought it new. Last year I finally started to research why the LS1 F-body did that and so combining the high low end torque plus flemsy factory suspension components will give you low stick, torque steer, etc.

    I bought a set of LCAs (lower control arms) from BMR, a set of relocation brackets, put them in and it was like driving a different car. It sticks very well, got rid of the wheel hop and torque steer but I can still burn rubber IF I want to, not every time I take off. All launches are straight!

    Give it a shot bro, you'll be happy. Then go after your shocks and springs, torque arm, sways, etc. BMR makes very good parts and I recommend them. You can either get the parts straight from their site or others such as < good prices.
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    I bought my SS with the stock Goodyear F1's. Only had 3000 miles on them. Tread was nice. I couldnt hook up to save my life.
    I picked up the fuzion's because they were cheap and i tend to go through tires rather quickly and they hook up just fine. I took a trip home one year in the SS and drove through a nasty storm, tires did great in the rain also.
    Only paid like 400 bucks for all 4 tires.
    2001 SS, Its not the car its the Driver that matters....

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    1998 trans am ws6

    hey sunset orange i have similar mods to you what was your hp on the dyno with out ur spray

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    '02 B4C Camaro

    i had the same problem, uncontrollabe tire spin. it would hit 2nd gear so hard i had to get out of it, cause the ass end was coming around too fast.
    long story short, poly motor, trans, torque arm and ditching the the eagles for some
    falkens 255-50-16s problem solved.
    i put some hurt on an SS week before last.

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