The problem is after a while of driving in closed loop. When I come to a stop the idle will drop slightly and the 02's will drop from 3 digits numbers to two digits starting with the front driverside,passenger front, and then teh rears. After a few secs the idle with rev back up and the 02's will read fine.
What I have checked. The front 02 with a digital voltmeter in accordance to my haynes manual. They pass all the test. They only have my 15k miles on then anyhow. I have tried another maf, tps sensor and wired in a new tsp plug with pigtail. I totally believe the problem to be tps related for these reasons. Intermittaly with tps will read a + percentage of throttle when I am not touching the gas. I have reset it many times and the idle problem will go away for a short bit only to return. I have tested all the wires for the tps and here are the reading. Blue and black wire 0.71, black and pink 4.99 and wot 4.82. I have tried wiggling the wires and tapping the pcm to see if the readings change and they don't. If I unplug the tps all the problems go away. Better idle and more power. The rpm's also at times will drop way down in closed loop with I push the clutch in.