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TPI throttle return spring - any ideas?

This is a discussion on TPI throttle return spring - any ideas? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I just bought a 78 Jeep CJ-7 with a TPI-equipped Chevy 350. It's got a stock GM throttle body and ...

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    TPI throttle return spring - any ideas?

    I just bought a 78 Jeep CJ-7 with a TPI-equipped Chevy 350. It's got a stock GM throttle body and a Lokar throttle cable. The gas pedal is "all or nothing," very stiff when you first step on it. The Jeep is lifted, a stick, and has Detroit Lockers, so it gets a little hairy when I let off the gas going around a curve, only to accidentally hit the pedal too hard as I try to press down on the gas in order to accelerate out of the curve.

    I checked the pedal, the cable, etc...and nothing is damaged, missing, binding up, or anything else. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Different springs available? I've never worked on a TPI motor, but I can't think of anything else it could be except the return spring.

    Thanks for helping a n00b. LOL my first "real" car was an 83 Z28 with the amazing CrossFire Injection and a rockin' 305.

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    check to make sure that there are no sharp turns in the throttle cable. it sounds like it might be sticking.

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    I had a gummed up throttle body that caused a sticky condition. I cleaned it out with gumout and it helped. But, it was scared from the throttle blade. I took a little 1200 sandpaper to the throttle bore and blade edge. No more sticking.... Just another way to look at it. ;-) Of course, it could also be a kinked thottle cable .... trace that out and see if it's pinched or kinked somewhere. Maybe shoot some WD40 inside the cable housing.....

    And shouldn't that be Oh-Hi-Yo ...... Lol !!!

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