Well, ive decided to wait on getting my car repainted till next year, so im going to need to have to use some paint to touch up a few spots on my car and just want to make sure id be doing it right and wont hurt it later when it finally does get repainted. Car is 2000 black trans am

Ok, there are 3 rust spots on the car, one the size of a penny two the size of a eraser tip id say, nothing too big. From what ive read up to fix this id
1. wash the area of the car
2. sand the rust away and rewash the area
3. apply primer to the metal
4. use paint (spray or touch up pen?)
5. clear coat?
(any certain brand of paint i should use?)

Also, on the driver side door, on the bottom of it, it is whitish, could i use a spray then clear coat to make it look decent? or would it look better as is? ill try and get pictures tomorrow, but it basically looks like someone over buffed it.

And the last area that would need attention is a spot on the top of the car where the clear coat came off, paint there is still good, but its a pretty big spot, like a 6 inch circle, what would be best to fix that up

ill try and get pictures of both spots tomorrow