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Time to start...

This is a discussion on Time to start... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well I bought a 2001 TA WS6 with 60k miles from a private seller as is. I know it has ...

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    Time to start...

    Well I bought a 2001 TA WS6 with 60k miles from a private seller as is. I know it has had a lot of aftermarket done to it but I'm not sure what all has been done. And being that winter is rolling around and i have a nice new heated garage and a truck to drive I'd like to pull my car apart or at least look into what all has been done to it so that I may continue to improve on its performance.

    First of all I'm not very vehicle knowledgeable but I am not a idiot and I know how to use a wrench. I just put a new ALT in it and do my own brakes and rotors and such but as far as inner workings and knowledge I have little. I usually refer to google for information to be confident in my work.

    Things I know for sure... It has one hell of an exotic cam. Almost too big it sounds rough and if not brake torqued properly in the winter and some other few times the lope will kill the engine.

    I would assume it would have a stall aftermarket in it but I dont know how I could tell, or tell what RPM it was or anything about it, im not that familier with stalls.

    I know it has stock 3.23 rear end gears in it that i need to replace because they are chewing up bearings and filling the magnet in the RE. I need to replace the whole thing i think was the consensus.

    The exhaust appears to be shorty headers with true dual exhaust ran under the rear axle.

    As far as internal engine I've no way of knowing. I dont mind pulling stuff apart to find out because at some point I'd like to put a blower possibly or at least additional mods. With that I'd need to know if it already has forged parts and etc.

    If anyone could give me any information on what to look for and/or walkthroughs/steps to achieve more information or knows of any good guides. Or if anyone has any suggestions or would like to add their own two cents Id really appreciate it and I'd really like to look into these things and pick up knowledge along the way.

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