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Thermostat blues

This is a discussion on Thermostat blues within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just wondering if my assumption is correct. My car was tuned with a stock thermostat. So I take it upon ...

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    Thermostat blues

    Just wondering if my assumption is correct.

    My car was tuned with a stock thermostat.
    So I take it upon myself to install a 160 thermo for the summer . and drive it for a week or so and seem to notice terrible gas mileage, loss of power , and a seemingly over rich condition at an idle .

    I am sure that it is because the engine is not reaching normal operating temp.

    So I remove the thermostat and install a new 187 deg thermostat, and bingo it fixed it.

    I think the engine would have been more forgiving of the colder thermostat if I hadn't been running a colder NGK TR6 spark plug for the nitrous .

    Does anyone agree or am I just crazy.

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    I'll let someone else tackle the "running bad" issue. The only thing I will note is that when installing a cooler thermostat you also want to reprogram your fan settings to come on sooner. Even with a 160 stat you should be ok as the engine will actually run warmer than that. With my 180 thermostat, and reprogrammed fans, I see a range of 185 to 192 degrees depending upon engine load.

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    I think your 160 would have ran around 180 because nobody on here has ever had a 160 actually run down that low. maybe you had a bad stat?

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