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Steering Question

This is a discussion on Steering Question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just got around to really driving my WS6 for the first time today. Put some decent miles on it - ...

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    Steering Question

    Just got around to really driving my WS6 for the first time today. Put some decent miles on it - taking it back and forth to work, drove over to a buddies house, ran some errands...ok, ok, I went to the package store to by a bottle of Jack Daniel's but technically that IS an errand.

    Question for you guys. The steering on my car seems VERY tough. The wheel really takes some effort to turn at times. Is this normal for this car? The car only has 9,000 miles on it so some steering resistance would be expected with the car being so new and all but it just seems very hard to turn! Reminds me of a forklift I drove when I worked in a shop years ago.

    Is the car just "set up" this way? I checked the PS fluid and the belt and everything looks ok...

    Tire are original Eagle F1's which I am replacing tomorrow so I am wondering if maybe that has something to do with it?? I know they have very hard sidewalls...

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    if the fluid is up and the belt is fine it could be the ps pump itself or it could just be air in the lines. Is the power steering pump groaning when it does this? To bleed it of air just go back and forth lock to lock several times.

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    There shouldn't even be a thought as to how hard the steering is to turn. You def have a problem.

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    Does not sound normal at all. The power steering coolers in the upper radiator hose have been known to fail. Check your fluids for cross contamination. Other than that, your pump may simply have gone bad.

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    I have a similar problem... Is there any leaks? Your pump mayb be going bad on you

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