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Starting Issues

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    Starting Issues

    Good day all...

    Long story sort...

    my 98 T/A sat for 3 years would start her up once month run it drive it around the block etc.

    Well I dusted her off back in March and she ran fine. Drove for 6 weeks when I noticed it would take some time starting. Would turn the key- it wanted to start but nadda. it was sporadic at first but after 2 weeks it finally konked out.

    Had it towed to a local repair shop- they diagnosed it and said it was some wiring relays, so they replaced those, as well as the fluids and went to take it home and nothing.

    They kept the car overnight and said they could not get it to NOT start so I was on my way.

    For 2 more weeks it ran fine but then it would not turn.

    Towed a second time.

    This time I asked for them to clean the fuel tank (precaution), clean fuel rails, replace fuel filter. They did and found one of the injectors was stuck ope so they replaced that.

    Got the car back and it was fine for one day then it would not turn over.

    During this ordeal, I would pull the cable going to the throttle body to get the TB to move and it seemed to help but this doesn't even help now.

    The TB has been cleaned, as well as MAF...

    I have spent hours going through the forums searching for similar problem and diagnoses/fixes and I am at a lost.

    The past 2 weeks the car does not start- but today after I literally stepped down on the gas and tried th ignition it started, the the next 10 starts it was fine.

    I have to take it back in anyway as they didn't hook up the fuel gagu sensor so I read empty even though I am full tank of gas.

    I need some ideas that I can present to them.

    Fuel Pump?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    You are not clear on whether the starter engages-the engine is turning over(spinning) -do you have spark, fuel pressure,--all these things need to be checked when you are having issues in order to even begin to diagnose the problem. Otherwise nobody can help you here.

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    The starter was cranking- it tries to start, to just won;t start. I do not know what the fuel pressure is- the palce I took it to I am wishing I had not gone but am trying to get some ideas as I am going to make them fix it w/o addl charge.

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    So it cranks but it wont start.
    As far as the shop goes, if the original issue has not been fixed then you should ask them if its still covered until they can figure it out. Are you throwing any codes?
    Check the fuel pressure, or have them do it.
    Although this will eliminate everything form the pressure port, too the pump. Ie the pump, filter, lines.
    Your injectors might also be having issues.
    Can you hear the fuel pump prime once you turn the key?
    The only way you can start it is with the pedal depressed or does that only work sometimes?
    Do you have a second key?
    If so try it out and see if it changes anything
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