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Starter Help (I think...)

This is a discussion on Starter Help (I think...) within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here's my quick sob story.... tried to pass through a flooded area in my 2000 TA (up to half the ...

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    Starter Help (I think...)

    Here's my quick sob story.... tried to pass through a flooded area in my 2000 TA (up to half the tire...just low enough to not flow in with the door open). Halfway through she bogged out and cut off. Tried to restart once quickly to no avail.... pushed her out and left her overnight. Still raining the next day, and she wont start. Here's the symptoms:
    Battery is good - same results below with a running car jumpered
    No security light flashing
    When I try to turn her over, I dont get clicking but a level "whhrrrrrrrrr" sound when I turn key to start.
    Any ideas? Does this sound like the starter is fried ?? Haven't had a chance to troubleshoot the starter yet. Fuses are good...Didn't check the relays yet.
    And, have you guys gotten to the starter underneath without jacking her up? Can't picture right now if I'll have clearance to get get to it on the ground.
    Thanks in advance !!

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    Not sure on the description but it does kinda sound like the starter isn't engaging. Try knocking the crap out of the starter and see what that does. I've had luck with sticking solenoids by doing that but the symptoms are a little different than what you're describing. Why did it bog out? Did you suck water into the car you think? You say it wasn't up to the doors but do you have the bottom of your airbox cut out or a cold air kit sticking down there? Hoping you didn't hydrolock it.

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    Like orion said, Hopefuly u didnt lock up the motor. Is it turning the engine or just whinning? Take a look when you crank it and see if your belts are turning or any of the acc. If not then shes locked, if so then there is a diff problem. And like he said above hitting the starter with say a hammer should get the solenoid too free up and crank. If its stuck.
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