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Staring issues, security??

This is a discussion on Staring issues, security?? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; For the past year my 01 ws.6 has been having intermittent starting problems. When it doesn't start it will just ...

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    Staring issues, security??

    For the past year my 01 ws.6 has been having intermittent starting problems.

    When it doesn't start it will just turn over and over without ever trying to kick in.

    Some things I've noticed:

    It will always start immediately after being shut off.

    If I wind it up right before shutting it off, like coming into the parking lot hot it seems to not start more frequently.

    If I turn the key into ignition but release it before the engine has actually caught it is more likely not to start when I try again.

    If I am having problems bad I can disconnect the battery for ten minutes and it will usually start right up.

    The above may all be a coincidence...

    My fuel pump pressure is fine. My mechanic says it all has to do with the security system stepping in because when it is not starting the injectors and spark are off.

    So we replaced the body control module, had it flashed, and the problem persists.

    He's working on it currently but I'm worried he won't be able to find the issue without throwing more parts at it. He's a decent mechanic but not an ls1 guy.

    Any help???
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    Crank or Cam Position Sensor maybe? You'd probably get a "Check Engine" light with that, though, and I don't know why you wouldn't have any trouble while it was running.

    I had a somewhat similar problem and I found that the Positive battery cable was corroded far inside the jacket (the old battery had leaked acid down the cable and onto the frame). Once started, it ran fine, but many times it would not start even though I had lights on the dash, and it would start if i took the cables loose and reconnected or dumped water on the cable.

    Sorry so wordy. Good luck, hope this helps. Keep us posted, I'd like to know what you find.

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    You replaced the BCM, so I would guess ( since no codes for sensors are coming up) PCM.Powertrain Control Module.This is directly related to controlling the coils and fuel enable. First thing I would do is pull off the giant multi-wire plug that connects to it and check for burns,arching marks,loose plug,signs of moisture etc. Just a thought. Good Luck!

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