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spark plug color

This is a discussion on spark plug color within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok ive been trying to find a miss on my 2000 ss does it between 1600-1900 rpms i ve changed ...

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    spark plug color

    ok ive been trying to find a miss on my 2000 ss does it between 1600-1900 rpms i ve changed all plugs new wires new fuel filter fuel pressure is good maf is clean i notcied when i pulled my pulgs all looked good expect 1 it was too white looking that means its running lean correct? why only i cylinder?could my injector be bad on clogged up would that cause it to be lean? i havent had them tested yet guys i need some input here before i pull the heads off which i dont really wanna do but this is driving me bonkers no ses lights no major mods just lid and some free stuff

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    no codes? thats odd with a miss usually that will set a miss fire code.Did you pull the pulsator off the fuel rail and look for rust?That could cause missing from small particles of rust floating around the fuel rail.Ask me how i know????

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    The injector can cause that one cylinder to go lean...busted head gasket near that cylinder.

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