Hey all you ls guys out there maverick here, i am in Ca the smog is as harder to pass as trying to get date with eva longorea, I failed twice I got brand new slp long tubes ,Y-pipe and cats all brand new , when I had them installed I had Nick at Newtech Performance, put in new sparkplugs, and tune 335rwhp and 345rwtq bone stock ls1 with 69k!! Failed smog twice so far, first time his tech forgot to put on the houses for the air pump and egr, second time try to pass smog pass everything expect for 15MPH NO(419PPM MAX I hit 572PPM) and yes I ran amsoil fuel injectors clear, Then I called Nick, He told me about CRC Guaranteed to PassŪ Emissions Test Formula, I Went online and got mixed reviews, Nick look at my tune and sayed" Your tune is fine for smog closed loop blah blah" He said try the GTP stuff out all of his custmors use it with great sucess, anyone use this stuff out there?? I put it in my car yesterday and I plan on trying the smog test tomorow? Wish me luck will post on the outcome if someone out there use this stuff and failed please let me know if I fail again I just going to have Nick detune it back to Stock Smog it and tune it back, but I really dont have money for all that wish me luck