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Slight tick but not at idle anymore??

This is a discussion on Slight tick but not at idle anymore?? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a slight ticking sound at idle that increases with rpm's on my 2001 z28 M6 104k with headers ...

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    Slight ticking noise??

    I have a slight ticking sound at idle that increases with rpm's on my 2001 z28 M6 104k with headers and true duals. also A.I.R. has been removed if that matters and it happens at times when its warmed up as well so i don't think it's piston slap. My headers had to be tightened after install cause of tick but it doesn't really sound the same so i don't think that is the problem. i read a tsp that said it could be the o-ring between the oil pump and the screen. has anyone tried that as a fix. any help is greatly appreciated Thanks!!
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    If it started right after the header install, it might just be the normal valvetrain noise. The cast manifolds do a good job of covering it up but headers do not.

    Either way, when it comes to a ticking on a ls1, its pretty hard to diagnose over the internet because Ls1's have plenty of them.

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    The tick I had would come and go only at idle. As soon as I gave it any throttle it would go away. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for when it would start doing it, but sometimes it would get pretty bad and sound like a diesel knock. I am a marine mechanic know motors well and this would drive me crazy. The way it would come and go told me it wasn't a rod, bearing, or something like that. I had suspected a lifter problem especially because the engine would start to lope a little when it would tick loudly. I brought it to the dealer while it was still under warranty. They told me that it is a LS1 and I should get used to it. That "you can't hear it that bad from in the cab". They were not willing to do anything. They said it could run fine indefinetly and if it quit running bring it back. I finally found a thread about the service bulliten you mentioned and decided to try it. I am pleased to say it has fixed the problem. I still have a very faint tick, I believe there is probably some damage to the lifter for running like that for as long as it has, but there is no more lopey idle. It makes sense that it would aireate the oil and the lifter would get air in it and collapse. It was probably the same lifter every time. The first to get oil. If I had not seen the bulliten I would have never thought of it. It pisses me off that the dealer had this bulliten would not fix it.

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