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Sigh... Panhard install... 3 hrs and counting ...

This is a discussion on Sigh... Panhard install... 3 hrs and counting ... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ALL done!! I cut it close but made it on time to work. I did a half ass adjustment by ...

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    ALL done!!

    I cut it close but made it on time to work. I did a half ass adjustment by eye but all looks good.

    Questions first. I can adjust the bar on the car while not having it jacked up right? WOuldn't the body move side to side when I adjust it? I'm sure I'm within 1/4 of an inch.

    I managed to swap all the plug wires in 20 mins as well as checking the plugs to see if they were tight. i'll be making a new post about that and my findings !

    Overall I'm not happy about bending the bracket off the chassis that holds the passenger side bar bolt. When I tightened the bolt down it pulled the rearside tab forward. I tried everything but I couldnt bend the forward side tab back into position. there's like no room in there at all even with the spring out of the way.

    In the end the mounts are 1/4 inch forward on that side but I am guessing since the loads on the mount are side to side there shouldn't be an issue with it. I hope.

    I left the bolts just loose from snug then put the car down, jumped in the trunk for a few minutes then got under and cranked the bolts tight on both sides. I'll need to tighten the adjuster nuts down again.

    Overall the car definitely feels tighter in the rear. It feels more responsive and not as sluggish. I am quite surprised at the difference. My stock bar was 43 inches centre to centre and surprisingly the bar needed to go towards the drivers side 1/8th of an inch. Either the stock bar was too short to begin with, it bent with abuse/time or the car has experienced close contact with the sexy curb in it's past.

    here's an after [pic of the mount through the wheel view.

    here's the molson 3 stars.



    The epic fail Nik Antropov award goes to the Sledge. For looking good on paper but being a failure as usual and not only performing to sub-par stanadrds but making things even worse.

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    im assuming you got an on the car adjustable phr, if so you just crank on the adjuster and it pulls the body from side to side.

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    The award goes to the BFH every time

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