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SES light

This is a discussion on SES light within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; service engine light came on......drove it for 2 days...on the trhird day....once the motor was warm.....the car would surge and ...

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    SES light

    service engine light came on......drove it for 2 days...on the trhird day....once the motor was warm.....the car would surge and hesitate, and would idle @ about 700 rpms....normally right @ 1000. and i smell a distinct gas odor....and i also notice my tailpipes were all sooted up. I know everyones gonna say take it to auto zone and get it tested, but i was wondering if anyone out there has had the same issues, and what it was...thanks.

    2002 camaro....magnaflow catback.......slp lid......nothing else done to the motor.....recently did the spark plug, wire has 47,000 miles

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    Gotta know the code before we can do much help. Is it running like this since you did the spark plugs/wires? Many here have been fooled into thinking the wires were connected all the way, only to report later it really was a spark plug wire issue, not fully connected on at least one spark plug/coil. That would explain the raw gas smell, unburned fuel out the exhaust from an ignition misfire.

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    Yeah, gotta get the code(s) read. Post 'em up, don't worry about the description.

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    yep we need the code number

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