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SES Code Question

This is a discussion on SES Code Question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi all. My SES light came on earlier while driving. Got home and did a scan. Code reads as P1415 ...

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    SES Code Question

    Hi all.
    My SES light came on earlier while driving.
    Got home and did a scan.
    Code reads as P1415 which is Secondary Air Injection System Valve B Malfunction.

    I took a look under the hood with a flash light to check wire connections and a couple of hoses, but not much else since it's late and too dark.
    Will give it a thorough look first thing tomorrow morning.

    Any ideas or suggestions on where or what to look for?
    Any input is greatly appreciated.


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    Replace the driverside air check's like $20 at autozone, then clear the code. I'd replace the passenger side also but that's up to you....the dtc for that side is p1416. The check valve is a black valve connected to a metal A.I.R. tube by the intake manifold...there's one on each side a few inches above and to the side on the manifold. You'll know it when you see them...they're identical. Internet troubleshootin is not 100% accurate of course...but that should solve your dtc.
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    The valve is GM PN 12565503 - might help you at the parts counter.

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