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"security" Light On?!!!

This is a discussion on "security" Light On?!!! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; my security light came on while i was trying to leave a restaraunt. the shifter will not shift at all ...

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    "security" Light On?!!!

    my security light came on while i was trying to leave a restaraunt. the shifter will not shift at all and when i put the key in the ignition, i can spin the ignition freely with no resistance. my radio will come on and my windows roll down. nothing on my instrument panel works except the "security" light. help, i cant drive my car. i was told a number of things. the chip in my key may be messed up. the igntion switch may be bad. or someone tried to break in my car and only a dealership can reset the computer. what is the deal with the gm passlock???

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    do a search for "vats". There's a lot of info on it. It could be the key pellet but more than likely it's in the ignition tumbler. You can try either your spare set of keys or I tried cleaning my key pellet with an eraser but it didn't help. I just bypassed mine. Really easy and cheap to do.

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    This is a pretty good article on the PassKey II system thats in your car. Hopefully, it'll help you as much as its helped the other folks I've shown it to...

    A replacement cylinder and key @ Autozone should be in the $60-70 range, then all you need to do is install it! (which is no easy task btw)


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    Until you get it solved you can still drive the car just wait for the light to go out [about 3 mins] and the car should start.
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