Anyone got any thots?
My drivers-seat is leaning too far back for neck-comfort and it's driving me nuts.

To help with your "up front" questions... read the setup below because it's Not a case of me just not having something "adjusted right"...

MY EQUIP: I've got a 2002 Transam with the motorized (6-way adjustable-seat) with: 1 "pull" seat-angle-adjustment-lever on the side and, 1 "pull" rear-passenger-entry lever on the back.

SETUP: 1) The "tilt" feature for my seat is adjusted to be tilted almost ALL the way forward that it can go. 2) The left-side lever (adjusts the seat-angle) is adjusted for the seat to be in the Up-Most position (I can adjust it back, but cannot go any further forward).

PROBLEM: I'm still leaning back a ways and my neck's starting to give me grief.

NOTE: Previously, I could've Sworn that the seat adjusted 1-more-notch UP than it is now (which was still too far back), but I'm not totally sure about that.

QUESTION: Does anyone know: 1) An adjustment that can be made?, or 2) a mechanical-suggestion that I might try without causing harm to the seat?

Thanks in advance!