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seafoam again

This is a discussion on seafoam again within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i know theres a post on this but let me get this straight pour in oil and gas then some ...

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    seafoam again

    i know theres a post on this but let me get this straight pour in oil and gas then some of the bottle in the vacum port for the brake booster, which will kill it??? no one is worried about it bending a rod or messing something else up
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    i am still on the fence about the whole seafoam thing, i just cannot bring myself to do it.

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    1/3 of a can in the gas tank. Fill up the tank.
    1/3 of a can into the oil about 200 miles before an oil change.
    1/3 of a can sucked into the brake booster line. Allow to sit on the topend for 30+ minutes. Run car hard.

    Time it all together if possible.
    I put the seafoam in the gas tank whenever...but I put it in the oil a week before a change. Then I suck it up the brake booster the night before the oil change.

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