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salvage title need responce

This is a discussion on salvage title need responce within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Has any one purchased a salvage title then regret it...

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    salvage title need responce

    Has any one purchased a salvage title then regret it

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    in PA a salvage title is what its from the junk yard. then you fix it up and apply for new title. it then becomes a R title.

    the downfall to a R title is dealers dont want it and some say the value isnt worht as much as clean title. That comes back to the whole its only worth what someone will pay for it

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    I Purchased a truck with a salvage title. Got into a front end collision when it had 10K miles on it. Insurance totaled it and the owner bought it back an rebuilt it with the cash. I put 40k miles on the truck with no major problems. you couldn't even tell it was smashed. the only thing that sucks is trying to sell it. Everyones all afraid to buy something with a salvage title, even if its a great deal. I got a great deal on a great running truck... but in the end had to sell it for cheap cause no one wanted it.
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    i bought my trans am with a salvage title, but then i replaced replaced the rear quarter (old one was fixed with bondo) and put a set of axels and control arms on it and it looks and drives like it never got hit. i really wish it didnt have a salvage title, but o well. it will become a race car some day

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    I brought a 94 v6 probe iwth salvage title and put 100k miles on without issue other than the front passenger tire would wear on the outer edge. it steered straight and felt stable at 120mph. If it was fixed right and you plan on keeping it a while you should be fine with it.

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    Maybe you can do a carfax on it and see what the damage was.

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    def. see what the damage was but if you know you are going to keep the car and not buying it as an investment then salvage titled cars can be great. I bought mine as a salveged title with 21,000 miles on it now it has 46,000 and I have had no problems. I know if I ever sell it it will be hard to sell and I prob will only get about 7 grand if that for it but I dont plan on selling it and I love driving it!!

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    Check it real good first...i wouldnt buy one off ebay, but as long as its done right, it sohuldnt be a problem, especially if its not a high end vehicle

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    It all depends on what the damage was and how it was fixed or if it was even fixed. I got into a wreck 4 months ago, got hit in the rear by another truck going 55mph. I needed a new front and rear bumper and headlights and tailights. Cost me around 1200 bucks in parts to fix and i purchased it back from the insurance company. I made out like a bandit... I was in my dodge Ram 1500
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