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It'll be inside but of course it'll still be very cold. It can get below 0 sometimes, like -10 at about the most extreme, but most of the time it'll be about 20 degrees. Do I still need to worry, or should I take it for a spin about every 2-3 weeks for good measure? Of course I won't have collision on my insurance coverage, and I'll only take it out if its dry. What do you think?
if theres no risks of crashing via snow, ice etc. by all means take it for short spins to clean the rotors off. but the rust problem will not occur indoors unless the rotors are wet somehow. they need to be exposed to moisture to oxidize. if you do infact get rust on them after storage take the car for a spin and do some hard stops, if you have a pulsation have them cut with a brake lathe. if they arent heavily pitted or rusted the cut should cure all.