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Running Warm

This is a discussion on Running Warm within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 2000 Trans Am is "running warm". Temp gage needle goes up the mark between 210 & 260 and stays there ...

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    2000 Trans Am

    Running Warm

    2000 Trans Am is "running warm". Temp gage needle goes up the mark between 210 & 260 and stays there while moving. when stopped it goes 2-3 needle widths abobe that. Any ideas about what wrong.

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    First thing I would check is to make sure your fans are coming on/working properly. Fluid level is ok? When's the last time you drained and flushed the system? Have you noticed any leaks at all?

    Thermostat could be sticking. I'd also check for a kinked hose or you could possible have air in the line.

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    Radiator cap may not be holding pressure too. If it's original I'd replace it.

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    That temp gauge is an approximation at best. Get a scanner on it and check the temps -- it could be even higher than that if it is truly overheating. Any codes popping up?

    Other things to check for: sticking thermostat (upper hose will stay cold), blockage in front of the radiator (like a plastic shopping bag), missing or damaged spoiler (up under front of car, directs air into the radiator).

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