Hello. I am in the middle of upgrading several components of my car right now. I recently had LS6 heads and a custom ground cam installed into my car and added a SLP lid. Ive been having idle problems with my car I would attribute to the new cam even after several retunes by my mechanic. While at a stoplight my rpm will start at 600 or so and slowly creep to 1000 which really isnt a problem for me, but while doing this my TCS off light will permanently turn on. When this happens my car will not rev over 2000 rpm. I can floor the gas pedal and still not pass the 2000 rpm limit. Like I mentioned this only happens when the TCS off light is on. While driving the light will eventually turn off untill the next stoplight. What could be causing the TCS system to turn off and limit my rpms so severly? My car is an A4 2001 Pontiac Formula stock besides the before mentioned mods. I also have LT headers and y-pipe on the way.