The journey continues... While I set aside money for the LS6 and maybe some Kooks LTs, I'm also looking at the little DIY thingies that I can address.

Here's what's needs replacing:

Shift boot ring (tabs broken)

Ash tray lid (broke it by leaning on it one day reaching into the car)

Driver side "B" pillar weather strip (it's a convertible)

Glove box light housing (can't remember if it's integral with the dash or not, but the bulb assembly falls out because the housing has partially snapped off/broken)

So here're my questions:

I've found some interesting info about Hawk's Thirdgen while researching vendors. A little while back, Hawk's was into a shady/questionable deal involving Tick's master cylinders. Anyone now doing business with Hawk's and know if they're on the up and up? The prices they advertise are agreeable to me, but I like to make sure my money goes to good places.

Also, does anyone know how to tell if buying new weather strip will solve my air leak on my dirver side window? The current strip "looks" okay (it's not damaged or shriveled or cracked; but it might be a little hardened, but I'm not sure). Does weather strip shrink with age/exposure to elements? I don't want to buy new stuff, rip out my old stuff, and install new stuff only for it to fit the same.

Given my list, everything on there looks pretty simple and straight forward. But is there anything I should know before I dive in on any of those items?