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Reset SES, o2 sensor

This is a discussion on Reset SES, o2 sensor within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Is there anyway I can clear my SES light with out having to drive to the damn garage again? I ...

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    Reset SES, o2 sensor

    Is there anyway I can clear my SES light with out having to drive to the damn garage again? I know the whole battery thing doesnt work. I heard of a paper clip technique but that sounds like a leap to me. thx o2 sensor was throwing ses light, changed is, but its still giving my the light , so i know its not the sensor any ideas? help!

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    most autoparts stores will clear the code for free. You can also buy a cheap scanner so that the next time you'll be able to read and clear your own code. Other than that it'll take a certain amount of either drive cycles or ignition cycles without seeing the code before it'll go off. If the problem is fixed then I would give it a few days and it should go out on it's own unless the problem is still there.

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    Done this myself several times...

    Turn key on to run, don't start car, just want your lights and shit on.
    Pull PCM BATT and PCM IGN fuses in engine compartment(fuse box's are two black box's with yellow graphics on them, found on the the driver side, have to open both box's. I believe one is a 10 fuse the other is a 15, pull them out with plyers or a fuse puller if you ahve one.)
    Wait 5-10 min
    Turn ignition OFF
    Put the fuses back in, make sure are all the way in.
    Snap lids on fuse box's START CAR

    Now your pcm is completey reset. For the first few minutes it will idle like shit and the rpms go up and down until it finds it happy place. Let it idle a little bit, then take it for a short drive. After five minutes you can't ever tell it was reset.

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