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replacing switch in column for turn signal/wiper arm

This is a discussion on replacing switch in column for turn signal/wiper arm within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi everyone -thanks for takin the time to look at my post. I've search ed long and hard for threads ...

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    replacing switch in column for turn signal/wiper arm

    Hi everyone -thanks for takin the time to look at my post.

    I've search ed long and hard for threads on multiple sites trying to find someone who has detailed the replacment of this switch. (to no avail)

    I got into my car with some cargo shorts on and the pockets caught the turn signal lever. i heard this "crack" sound and now the signal has no click to it....i want to signal right, i push it up. I'm done turng right, i have to pull it back to the middle and hope it stays. On a bad pot hole, lever moves and signal comes on. When it first broke it even kinda locked up the steering wheel...then i messed with it and got it to the condition it is now in.

    I've heard that the column has to be pulled to repair this...but no one has details of this repair, and it doesnt seem common. Please - someone with the knowledge on this area of the car - lets see if we can once and for all establish a method of doing this!

    Thanks to everyone again for reading, and hopefully contributing, to my post.


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    Well I read up on how to replace the turn signal switch with one from a caddy fleetwood to enable the flash to pass mod.

    As for the click to it and turning it off once the wheel recenters, it's inside the column.
    You'll have to remove the airbag, then pull the wheel off the car using a steering wheel puller.
    The turn signal switches and locks can be seen from there.

    I'd suggest you to buy the GM manual on the f-bodies, it shows detailed information on how to do this.

    As for replacing the switch which the turn stalk connects to, you'll have to drop the column from under the dashboard with 2 bolts, and disconnect the steering linkage from under the hood.

    Not kind of a job for someone who doesn't work much around cars.

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