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Replace header gasket or Heads/Cam combo

This is a discussion on Replace header gasket or Heads/Cam combo within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well as the subject line says. I have a bit of a problem. I bought a 2000 WS9 about a ...

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    Replace header gasket or Heads/Cam combo

    Well as the subject line says. I have a bit of a problem. I bought a 2000 WS9 about a year ago. I have no piror history of the car but somone put slp high flow exhaust and some type of long tube headers on it. The car sounded great but has now deveolped a really really bad exhaust leak around the driver side header gasket. Which is getting woarse the ticking sound can be heard over the exhaust of the car.

    Now i know driving the car with the exhaust leak that bad. Is killing my heads . I plan on keeping the car for a dialy driver intill it rust around me. So now i can spend 500 or more in labor to get the header gaskets replaced. Or i can spend a tad more buy a decent head/cam/intake package and attempt it myself.

    I think it be much easyer to tear down to short block and replace and freshen up the motor in the long run then to replace the header exhaust gasket and hope that it fixes it or the passenger side doesnt start leaking.

    I know head/cam packages go for around 2300 ?

    what would you guys do in my shoes? I just look at the way the motor sits back in the firewall and i cringe at how much of a pain in the azz its going to be to work on it.

    I have a 99c5 and have all the room to work on the motor in the world compared to my trans am.

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    I vote go get some gm exhaust gaskets for under $50 and fix it your self. If a shop qouted you $500 its time to find a new shop cause there trying to rape you.
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    I agree with above, pick up some header gaskets, change both sides not just one, Its only a few bolts, and probly a few curse words and you will be 450 dollars richer for other mods. Keep an eye on the plug wires and any harness around the leak to ensure there not getting burned or melted.
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