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Rebuild or crate Engine

This is a discussion on Rebuild or crate Engine within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I posted this on another web site trying to get as much feedback as I can. I have a 2000 ...

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    Rebuild or crate Engine

    I posted this on another web site trying to get as much feedback as I can. I have a 2000 SS that has 89,000 miles on it. It had some flaws from the factory such as piston knock at start up. There has been some mods and the car has been driven hard the last two years. Right now I believe that I might have some valve train issues.

    I want to do a complete refresh on the car including paint. Would it be better to rebuild the existing engine or go with a crate engine? And if a crate engine would the LS6 be a better choice?

    Also I am located around the Hershey PA area. I am looking to do this in the next two months. Does anyone know of any who does installs and tuning within a 120 miles of this area? Also anyone know of a good paint shop within the same distance?

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    Whats your budget looking like? If you do a rebuild you can build the motor with whatever parts you want, ensuring it will handle additional abuse.
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    rebuild what you got

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    I would suggest analyzing what you've got to start with. Do a compression test-and a leak down test, look at oil pressure readings too, and see what you've got. I don't see you giving any reasons why you want to tear into the motor, piston slap doesn't affect anything. The best advice is to leave the motor together if it's not having any serious issues. Make sure everything else connected with the motor is kosher so that even if you do a rebuild or whatever you won't have any problems cropping up later.

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    Ive posted this before but if your on the budget this engine is hard to beat

    brand new for $2,999.00

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    ^ that is not a bad deal at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZtrackerZ View Post
    Does anyone know of any who does installs and tuning within a 120 miles of this area? Also anyone know of a good paint shop within the same distance?
    Try Harris Speed Works in Warminster, Pa. Their website is They manufacture n20, dyno tune, and parts install. I've never used them yet, but I hear great things about them, and they're F-body specialits. I'm getting LT's and a cam soon and I'm going to take it there for the tune. Also, if you're going the rebuild route, there is a place in Mount Joy, Pa called Ruhl's Automotive. They do all sorts of performance stuff, and even rebuilds, head work, block steaming, yada yada. I don't know if they do much new muscle car stuff, but it's worth a shot. Here's there info...... Ruhl's Automotive
    1407 Carmany Rd
    Mount Joy PA 17552-9782

    My friend's dad and his father in law use them a lot and they swear by their work! If you live near Harrisburg, how come you don't just go to C.J. Pony Parts HAHA

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    rebuild with forged internals and a good cam and good valvetrain that will be your best bet for power to money wise. and you can upgrade to a stroked forged kit for a little more money.

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