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Rear rotors

This is a discussion on Rear rotors within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; how do i remove the rear rotors on a 98 ss camaro??? the calipers are off and the rotor bracket ...

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    Rear rotors

    how do i remove the rear rotors on a 98 ss camaro??? the calipers are off and the rotor bracket removed but they wont oull off.. is there a special way to remove the rears?......o and the parking brake is off lol unless it still may be on enough to where i still cnt pull the rotors off.
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    Yeah I was gonna say to make sure the E brake is all the way down. With that and the caliper all the way off it should just come right off. There may be a little washer like thing on one of the wheel studs holding it on as well. I would check all these and then get a rubber mallet and lightly tap it till it comes off. Good luck with it.

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    Yeah, as long as the E-brake is off and the wheel and caliper are completely off, then all that's wrong with it is that it just might be a little stuck on there. Get a rubber mallet and slowly hammer it until it comes loose.

    I had an issue with mine when I bought it where they apparently never replaced the rotor, only the brake pads ....rotor was so damn thinned out, it was scary and was stuck on there pretty badly. I was hammering it pretty damn hard before it became loose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLK2KSS View Post
    E brake is all the way down.There may be a little washer like thing on one of the wheel studs holding it on as well.
    With these checked off it should be the rust holding her on at this point.

    If your reusing the rotor, a rubber mallet, deadblow or even a softer plastic mallet will work. If you dont have any of those, a regular hammer with a block of wood has worked for me in the past. Try tapping it first, hitting different areas of the rotor, namely the center. Only hit the outside of it (the area that comes into contact with the brake pads) if you have no luck with the center. Or hit the outside if you plan on replacing it. Another good approach is to hit the rotor from behind. Rotate it so you can hit a different area, hit, repeat. If that still doesn't work, try penetrating lubrication, if that doesn't work, small of amount of heat is next.

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    A had the same problem with mine until I used a rubber mallet. A standard hammer/wood block kept bouncing and not xferring the energy to the disc. It helps to take off the skirt and hit it. Before putting the new rotor on I thoroughly cleaned/painted the hub face and back of the rotor hat to prevent it from happening again.

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