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Rear end fluid change. Limited slip additive ?'s

This is a discussion on Rear end fluid change. Limited slip additive ?'s within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I did a rear end fluid change on my 2000 SS which now has 58K on it. I hadn't done ...

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    Rear end fluid change. Limited slip additive ?'s

    I did a rear end fluid change on my 2000 SS which now has 58K on it. I hadn't done one in about 35K miles and the fluid looked just fine. I put in what I always put in mobile 1 75/90. used a new gasket yadda yadda yadda but my real question is GM additive 89021958 is what was sold to me at the dealership when I asked for limited slip additive. This crap was like $19! and it looked different then what i used last time which I think was part # 1052358. The guy at the counter said that this was the new part number and it replaced the old one. Anways I dumped it all in (I think 4 ounces) and now I am reading that is a concentrate and you are only supposed to use like 1 ounce or something like that and its for a GTO or something. I have not drove it more than maybe 2 miles and everything sounded ok but whats the story here. Did I screw up and use the wrong stuff? Is the guy from the GM dealership full of crap? I am going to have problems? Doing this kind of work is a PITA cause I live in a apartment and I do not want to change out new fluid but if I need to I will. This did not look like the usual whale sperm lol that I had been getting from GM but instead it looks like a green dye of some kind and it seems pretty runny and not thick. Any thoughts?

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    It is very expensive stuff buying it from the dealership. Your supposed to put all of it in. Chinazone has it cheaper. Your fine

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    As far as I know, the 99 and up cars have a Torsen differential which doesn't require an additive, but it doesn't hurt to add it.

    This is straight from install university:

    You need to fill the rear differential with the fluid. The housing will take approximately (two) 2 quarts of fluid. As we stated at the top of the install document we used the GM additive but there is no need to do this in a Torsen unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hi-Po View Post
    It is very expensive stuff buying it from the dealership. Your supposed to put all of it in. Chinazone has it cheaper. Your fine
    It actually isn't too bad....
    Not the price it should be, but it isn't as bad as some things the stealership sells.

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    Jeg's has its version of the GM additive for alot less.


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    GM part#1052358-$7.99-WS6 Store

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    Yep, if you have the Torsen, no need for the additive.

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