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Sorry if there is another post about this somewhere, I couldn't find anything through the search.

I am getting a consistent "rattle" right around 1500 rpm from within the engine compartment. This is a different noise then typical knock and ping, fairly high pitch. The car seems to run great, and the noise doesn't seem to do anything more than annoy the c*** out of me. Most of my 10 mile trek to work is 45mph, which just so happens to be just at the lower rpm limit of where this noise starts.

I am unable to get the noise to happen while in neutral, only while in gear, and it happens through all of the gears. (I have an automatic though)

The only thing I can think of that I have altered lately was replacing the tensioner belt pulley, and adding the SLP large air box cover. Unfortunately, I can't remember if I was getting the noise prior to the pulley replacement.

Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks!

Hey man, mine does the same thing. I have an '01 T/A all stock. I had the Cat replaced-BTW-- if you want to go the factory route, the replacement is free. There was a recall on them. I took mine to the dealer and had them replace it at no cost.

Unfortunately, mine still makes the same damned,irritating noise, like a tin can is dragging underneath, only while driving under 2000rpm. So I'm guessing its something else.

Best of luck!