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Raondom Cylinder Misfire

This is a discussion on Raondom Cylinder Misfire within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys! Having a strange thing happen. My 2001 SS Manual runs very rough for about 30 seconds to 3 ...

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    Raondom Cylinder Misfire

    Hey guys!

    Having a strange thing happen. My 2001 SS Manual runs very rough for about 30 seconds to 3 mins of run time after cranking it up. However this only happens when the engine is warm and the car has been driven within about 3 - 4 hours ago. So when I first crank up the car in the morning after sitting overnight for 6hrs or more, it runs fine.
    Once while I was trying to throttle the RPM up while it was running rough, i got a check engine light to flash over and over which threw a "random cylinder misfire" code. This only shows up if i try to throttle higher when its running rough. The engine completely smooths out after about 3 mins of driving. But if I shut it off for a few minutes, and crank it back up, it will run rough again for another few minutes.

    Any idea of what would cause this strange behavior? If it ran rough all the time, id assume it was a bad plug, power pack, or timing. But the fact that it runs rough in the beginning only when the engine is warm makes me think something else is going on. Thanks for any replies, you guys are always helpful!

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    Wow, what a weird problem. Have you checked fuel pressure with a gauge? Gotta start eliminating things to narrow it down.

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