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Guys guys guys.....who gives a shit about how big the scoop is or what kind of car it was on for the test. The point is....you must inject the drag of the scoop into any RamAir benefit formula. My point is one will wipe out the other pretty much. If a WS6 hood scoop is teeny tiny then any "RamAir" benefit would be teeny tiny and the drag would be a negative teeny tiny but the end result would be the freakin same!
Soooooooo, you're saying that those big scoops don't do any good? You better tell that to all the Pro-Stock and other class racers out there that have been using them sucessfully for decades.

MY point is, I'm not argueing the fact that you must account for the drag in the overall equation. BUT, MY MONEY says that the effective HP increase provided by the scoop to the engine more than outweighs any drag penalty from the scoop. The HR test you used to make your point does NOT prove anything regarding potential benefit to the engine output.