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a quick question

This is a discussion on a quick question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey i was watching speed channel and bursts of flames would shoot out of the car's exhuast ... i was ...

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    a quick question

    i was watching speed channel and bursts of flames would shoot out of the car's exhuast ... i was just wondering why this happens and if it serves a purpose?

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    What kind of racing were you watching?What you are seeing is excess fuel catching fire from the hot exhaust heating it and it catches fire as it hits the oxygen in the air.No it doesn't serve any purpose-the race engines are run to the ragged edge and when the throttle snaps shut there is some unburnt fuel sent through the engine.Now on rally cars they are backfired on purpose between shifts to keep the turbochargers spooled up.That's why you see fire and hear them pop between shifts -they have an electronic gizmo set-up to purposely backfire when shifting.With no muffler and short exhaust systems it's very easily seen in a race car.

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    Or were you seeing a hotrod with the spark plug in the exhaust tip trick? If so it`s just for show.

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    I just sold my 04 SRT4, it had a mufflerless exhaust system, and on WOT shifts, would shoot flames out of the tailpipes, scared the shit out of my buddies!!!

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