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Question on space inside of Firebird Trans Am

This is a discussion on Question on space inside of Firebird Trans Am within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've been looking into getting a performance vehicle, and I had a question I was hoping someone here could answer ...

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    Question on space inside of Firebird Trans Am

    I've been looking into getting a performance vehicle, and I had a question I was hoping someone here could answer for me. I'm looking into a 2001 Firebird Trans AM WS06, and I'm concearned about the space. I'm a taller and fatter guy and I was wondering if there would be enough space?

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    2002 Camaro Z28 6-spd

    Well I'm about 210 lbs and 6'2 and I fit in my car perfectly. Only downfall is that I have the seat all the way back. I had a friend that was about 280 driving a Z28 and he was OK, though he traded it in for a truck.

    As far as suspension load, my car was loaded with over 1000 lbs from NJ to CA and blew the trans because of it. Prior to this, I used to drive around one of my close friends that is pretty big. He's about 400 lbs and the only thing I'd do is make sure I don't have any water bottles in the cup holder. I did notice that my passenger seat is twisted from the frame, but I did drive him around a lot. All I can say though is take a test drive and see how you feel in it. Height shouldn't be a problem because you feel like you're in a recliner in f-bodies. I'd just be cautious if you get a 6-speed. With any performance car though, you lose a lot of power for every pound that's in the car. With 200 lbs less in these babies it'll shave off around .4 off the track slip.

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    My brother is a big guy, over 6' and 300 - no problems and he has a roll bar in his Camaro.

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    Thanks for the information guys, that was just what I was looking for.

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    2002 Z-28 Camaro M6

    Try one on for size-take a test drive at a used car lot or something. It definetly takes a different driving position to drive an F-body. I love mine-wouldn't trade it for anything. (I'm not huge though-5' 11" 175 lbs)

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    I'm 6'1 250 and have zero issues. Don't expect anyone but a double leg amputee to be able to sit behind you in the back seat though.

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    2002 Trans Am

    I'm 6'6" and have a 6 speed and manage to wedge myself in my T/A and don't have any problems. The seats are very adjustable luckily.

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