Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.
My basic goal is to have over 450 RWHP NA while maintaining a good fat torque curve. like to run low 11's in the 1/4. The car is a daily driver with about 50 miles total daily commute in Houston heat and traffic, to / from downtown.

Baseline Dyno today at MTI

first round: Starting off with LT headers:
What's the best, LG or Kooks? other?

I'm thinking I should get 25 or 30 rwhp from this.

2nd round: Next step I think would be CAM. Initially thinking 224/224 581/581 114 LSA. I hear I need to go on the mild side because the 06 vette's pcm is sensitive.
At this time, I would also do the 160 thermostat and an UD pully.

I'm also concidering new heads at this time, but I am not sure which route to take. Any one with an LS2 have some experience here?

cold air intake... seen a few out there, but would like something safe for runing through the occasional large houston puddle.

I'll also get a dyno tune after the work on the engine. I've been trying to find out some good information, but have conflicting data on whether or not the tuners can get around the TM. The tuners can at least set my afr, shift points and timing, correct?

3rd round: Exhaust note and drive train
Like a good catback system with agressive note and no drone.
After the TM can be tuned out of or at least controlled in the a6, then I'd like to put in a tc that will still make the the car usable as a daily driver and probably 3.73 gears. I don't know much about automatics and TC's yet, I've been drving standards (svt cobra) for the last 7 years.

What do you guys think, am I missing anything obvious? Am I over ambitious in my expectations for these mods?

Thanks for your help!