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PS PUMP & PS Cooler and my findings

This is a discussion on PS PUMP & PS Cooler and my findings within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello all-its with great pleasure that I post my data. IF you have a PC pump issue it will most ...

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    PS PUMP & PS Cooler and my findings

    Hello all-its with great pleasure that I post my data.

    IF you have a PC pump issue it will most likely have a sound of a whine which will be most likely constant when you tru and turn your wheels.
    This was the case with my PS pump a year or so ago. Back then I replaced the PS Pump and HP line and all was well after that untill recently.

    My most recent issue was that of a sckretch sound and semi lock up of the wheels when turning. NOT GOOD and NOT SAFE. I thought it was my pump again since it seems after market pumps for 50 bucks break down fast. So since my PS fluid seemed a little cloudy I thought maybe its that PS pump Cooler device and off it came and I cleaned out the PS Cooler in and out ports and then did my own PSI test on it.
    By that I mean I blew into it. So after this breif blow job I found it to bnot be leaking and back on it went and I therefore figured that it was the PS pump. So a new PS pump installed and walah it worked,,only for a day or 2. Then it was screwy again. So I figured I would drain and refill the PS fluid once again. Only this time when I drained it that I realized that my PS fluid was not a magical cocktail of PS fluid and Coolant.

    Therefore to cut my novel above to a short story: I suggest that anyone that has a PS issue first install some UV Coolant Dye to the coolant system then drive it some days then check the PS fluid to see if you got a leak.

    I have bypassed my PS cooler device with some caps and now have no PS cooler on my PS system and it runs fine. BUT I shall be installing my own small radiator/coolant device on my PS system this week end. I have seen others do the same too.

    Moral of the story: Use UV Dye in coolant sytem to totally rule out any PS Fluid pump or PS system issues. Any water geting into the PS lines can cause issues that may make u think its the pump or air in the system.

    Sorry for the short story,,,hope this helps for others...

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    thanks for sharing.

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