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Power Steering, Manual Rack, Power Steering Pumps-etc

This is a discussion on Power Steering, Manual Rack, Power Steering Pumps-etc within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Howdy all, so as we all know the power steering pumps in many stock camaros is a little weak. I ...

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    Power Steering, Manual Rack, Power Steering Pumps-etc

    Howdy all,
    so as we all know the power steering pumps in many stock camaros is a little weak.

    I have replaced mine (with a kragen or autozone krapper) and the high pressure hose not buy a year ago and already the pump seems to over heat more than I like.

    I have cleaned out the PS cooler device-it seems fine to begin with and now just think I need to upgrade the PS pump to perhaps a (year one) pump which I heard are built bad azz...but wonder a few things on this system.
    1. Can I use my stock PS fluid lines for the (year one) pump and if not-how or what is needed to use the AN type fittings with the stock hoses? Do I need to have custom PS hoses made with correct AN ends?

    I am not even sure if I got the AN correct,,,is it IAN or AN?

    Also to those that changed there PS to a manual rack-how is the manual system for daily driving or is the manual pureply meant for drag only style,,,

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    hmmmm... you can buy a universal trans cooler and route your own lines to the cooler because if you have a stock cooler like i do than it will only get as cool as your coolant which is ~195* or so. if you make your own cooler and put it up front it will cool more efficiently. i dont know squat about year one pumps but i can only assume you will pay your first born child for one. and as far as manual racks.... idk. 2 of my first gen camaros have manual rack and pinions and they are tough slow speed but great once your rolling, but they were designed for that

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    Maybe swap the power steering pulley to a smaller diameter pulley? IMO, if you're daily driving your car, I would advise against converting to manual steering.

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