Ok so i have a 2000 SS M6. 42,000 easy miles anyways power steering pump had been getting noisy over the last 3 months and I looked at the fluid and it looks like coffee with creamer in it or something. Flushed out the power steering system as best as I could and added half a small bottle of lucas power steering stuff in it and it was way better but anything past 3k on the RPM and you could hear some noise. Went on a 500 mile trip and noticed that the fluid level had dropped but not much and also that the fluid was orange/red tinted. Checked the engine coolent on the overflow dipstick thing and it didnt look all nice and clean and red like it should it looked like there was a film on the palstic and it was brownish but not as bad as some pics I have seen no this site when such problems appear. Anyways I am thinking its the power steering cooler (crappy design IMHO they should have put a mini radiator type in front of the radiator) has a leak in it. What do these things cost are they easy to replace and how crazy should I go with flushing the coolent and the power steering fluids when I get done. Also I dont race this thing should I just bypass it and if so with what and how easy would that be. I dont think I have done much harm to anything but I have stopped driving it untill I can fix it. Also I wonder if I could do something with barrs stop leak to fix this issue? I have seen that stuff work wonders but not on a newer style car. Also that cooler looks like its in 2 halves I wonder if I could rebuild it. Any help would be appreciated.