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Port or not to port,That is the question.

This is a discussion on Port or not to port,That is the question. within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have read alot about people porting the thottle body and say they had good results, but I have also ...

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    Question Port or not to port,That is the question.

    I have read alot about people porting the thottle body and say they had good results, but I have also heard that it's not worth the time or money. Can someone tell me the HP gain from doing it or the bad side from doing it.I plan to do something to my 99 TA, I had planed on headers for Xmas but my 69 chevy truck needed a rearend rebuilt, so my money is cut in half now. where would I get the porting done and what will it cost me?

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    I havent done it yet but its on my to do list, its about $70 and the throttle response alone is worth it, plus the 3-8hp
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    I can't think of anything bad about it. Rather than pay someone I suggest getting a dremel tool and porting your own. It's easy to do. It can be R&R'd and ported in a day taking your time and you won't be out any money.

    As far as results,,,well that varies. I did mine, and opened it up quite a bit being carefull to keep everything uniform. Smoothed everything with sanding rolls etc... but didn't notice any power increase. Took the car to the track before and after and it ran virtually the same. Though mine at the time was completely stock otherwise.

    I would venture to say more gains would be seen if the engine in question had a camshaft change, cylinder heads, headers, etc...where the larger smoother throttle body would be more beneficial.

    Although I didn't gain anything at the time,,,I still feel it's a worthwhile modification,,,it doesn't cost anything,,,and later down the road when cam and heads are done, you will be one step ahead.

    If you plan on and intake and larger throttle body switch at this time then don't bother with the porting process on the stocker.

    Mine has the LS6 intake from the factory and I plan to stick with it so I broke out the dremel and went to town on the thottle body,,,,cheers.

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    I wouldn't attempt to grind on one myself--you could screw it up if you made some mistakes--I had Shaner do mine--He is very good and resonable-- gains are minimal --about 5-8 RWHP but the throttle response is noticeably better

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