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This is a discussion on Plugs within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey all. Just a quick question/comment. I just picked up my '01 WS6 a couple weeks ago, and was changing ...

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    Question Plugs

    Hey all. Just a quick question/comment.

    I just picked up my '01 WS6 a couple weeks ago, and was changing out the crap oil/oil filter that the dealership put in/on it with some Mobile1 5W-30. I have some spark plugs that I would like to install and was giving it a look over to see how I would go about it. I tried to remove the wire from the #1 plug, and I couldn't get it off. My friend said I could just take some channel locks to the aluminum shield and pull. I put a lot of effort into it, but it didnt budge. I don't want to break anything. Is there something I'm missing? They should just pull straight off, right? I'm pretty sure they're the factory plugs. And is it true that I don't need those heat shields on the boot?

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    I always twist them before taking them off. Sometimes they can sort of glue themselves on so to speak. Just twist them so that you can see the entire boot move, then they should just pop right off.

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    it was really hard on mine too they make a certain tool to remove the wires but i replaced the wires so breaking one wasn't a big deal to me but i don't think theres a trick too it i think you just have to yank it right as for as the heat shields go i think they are there for a reason but i could be wrong

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    Had a fun time with a friends stock wires...ended up breaking several of them because they were attached to the plug very well.
    New plugs and wires with some dielectric grease on the ends with solve this problem.

    My recommendation for oil is Pennzoil Platinum 10w-30 for the LSx platform.

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