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PLEASE HELP!!!I have a vibration and now I'm out of idea's!!

This is a discussion on PLEASE HELP!!!I have a vibration and now I'm out of idea's!! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a great ride I just love it especially since I finish my built....well kind of finish ,do we ...

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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP!!!I have a vibration and now I'm out of idea's!!

    I have a great ride I just love it especially since I finish my built....well kind of finish ,do we ever finish? loll

    My mods:
    UMI SFC,UMI LCA.UMI Relocation brackets, UMI PHB,Motive 3:73 gears this is where the problem really start,Yukon bearing and seal kit, R1 Concepts crossed drilled slotted rotors, Rims and tires Nitto's Invo's and OE Wheels rims, Tru Fiberf hood WS9, LS6 intake, EPS cam 222/226 .597 lift and 112lsa, hardened pushrods springs retainers ,chain ls2, NGK plugs,Kook race headers with o2 delete done, Yank ss3200 ,TCI flexplate,new tranny last year from GM, new aluminum drive shaft.Car has 48790miles on the clock and ran a 12.21 at 112.59mph and that was with drag radials launching at 1800rpm I wish it would ofg hooked at 2800rpm :-)


    What I did.

    Installed 3:73 Richmond gears from 2:73's so a tick gear those were very noisy and shook like crazy changed them to Motive same shake a little less noise this was done with complete Yukon install kit

    Balanced driveshaft

    Got the wheels and tires removed and re balanced even changed a rim just to make sure that was a little harder to balance

    The suspension is like new all tight with all new lca etc so bushings are new

    We checked the drive angle and it was 1 or 2 degree I can't remember now but it is to specs from what I was told.

    I have no idea where to go from here maybe going to Yukon Gears maybe 3:42's to reduce the noise level and vibration as a bonus. I was told that my car just didn't like the 3:73 cut of gears and that it will always shake and make noise. What do you guys think and what would you do next. This is becoming very expensive to stop it from shaking and humming .........It did have a very very slight vibration at 100mph with the 2:73;s but ever so slight...

    When I put the brakes on nothing shakes so I really didn't think of replacing the rotors and maybe remove the relocation brackets ,plus I was told to remove the UMI lca and install my stock back on???

    Thanks and sorry for the long post! Anything else I could try would be appreciated Thanks again!!!!!!
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    I have had no experience with these problems, but everyone on here has said u joints. Try searching u joints, and you will see what I mean.

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    how about an incar video, maybe go pro or camera in the car Its alot easier to show what / hear a noise than it is to describe it

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    i will start by check the U joints. I know you mention that you have the right drive shaft angle but sounds like someone else did it. Anyway you can confirm is correct? When i have vibration at certain speeds it was incorrect driveshaft angle and or bad u joints.

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    Do you feel the vibration in the steering wheel? Or in the seat? Could be the U-joints as stated or could be a bad wheel bearing in the front if not a bent rear axle. I would jack up the rear or put the car on a lift and put the car in gear to see if the rear wheels are moving from side to side while rotating.

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    Wow you got a lot done that could be any one of those mods listed....I'll try to list my questions in order.

    1) Like Rich ask - Vibration in the wheel or sit of your pants. Believe it or not but you can also tell if the vibrations is hard enough if it is left or right side. Please describe it (vibration). Violent or shimmy, as you speed up does it progressively get worse, makes a grinding or screeching sound?

    2) Was the vibration before or after all the suspension upgrades? Has the car had a complete alignment after the suspension mods?

    3) Some of these are questions are to eliminate possibilities:

    a) Rotors - drilled and slotted rotors have had issues of warping and cracks
    b) New Drive Shaft - Aftermarket or OEM? Has this been balanced? Where new U joints installed correctly?

    4) I have to ask this - Did you install the gears yourself or had a shop do them? Installed correctly there should be very minimal noise and "movement vibration" Incorrectly install and you're looking a grenade waiting to go off.

    5) Have you checked the axle bearings?

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