Hi Guys:

I'm putting the awsome LS1 from a 99 Camaro into my '86 BMW E30 (325). I have the car, the motor and a nice T56. I'm looking ahead to doing the electrical systems integration. I have 2 questions (& more to follow)

1. What are the electrical properties of the tach signal out of the PCM via circuit 121? Voltage? Pulses/sec? ??

2. What is the thread size in the head for the temp probe? I need to screw-in a BMW temp sensor into the plugged port on the R/H head so that I can get an accurate temp reading off of the engine. It appears to be an M12 or 1/2. Huh?

Its going to be glorious fun pissing off the BMW lovers!! Thanks in advance.

I attached a pic of my Mock-up engine (from Summit Racing) in the car...